The Circle of Life, David Wylie Independant Celebrant
David Wylie

David’s passion and dedication as a Professional Toastmaster has resulted in David becoming one of the most popular and respected Toastmasters in the UK.  With his kind and caring nature, it seemed a very natural progression for him to establish himself as an Independent Civil Celebrant.

Marriage Law
The marriage law of England and Wales is very specific and restrictive.
Currently the law states that a marriage ceremony:
May only take place between the hours of 8a.m. and 6p.m.
The legal declarations may only be officiated by a Minister of Religion, an appointed ‘responsible’ person for a non conformist religion, or a Superintendent Registrar for a secular ceremony
Must take place in a room that has been approved and licensed accordingly
It is not legally possible to marry outdoors (beach, garden or forest).
The structure must be permanent and immovable ( no moving boats, aircraft, hot air balloons or marquees etc).
There can be no religious element at all in a secular ceremony.

My Service will overcome these obstacles.
After you have completed the legal formalities beforehand, you are free to celebrate the occasion with a ceremony perfectly designed to your own requirements.

Baby Naming and Child Welcoming
The names shown on a birth certificate cannot be changed as a result of a Baby Naming of Child Welcoming Ceremony. There are provisions within law to allow changes under certain exceptional circumstances, please seek full advice from a Register Office.
It is quite acceptable to use a name that is not shown on your birth certificate and there are facilities within law to change your name by means of:
Deed Poll,
Statutory Declaration
By usage.

Please seek full advice from Citizens Advice Bureau, Solicitor or contact your Registry Office

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