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Child Welcoming

The Child Welcoming Ceremony is the highlight of the day; and one of the most memorable as you as parents make promises and reaffirm your love and plans for the future of the child. What you say and what is done in the ceremony seals the love between you.
You will need to give your ceremony careful thought and attention as this will be a lasting memory for you and all involved. You also need to be happy and comfortable with your celebrant; and trust that everything will be created in an intelligent, thoroughly professional way with fun, imagination and creativity. Knowledge is the key to my ceremonies and ask for a fee which expresses the work involved
My fee includes initial meeting, writing first draft of ceremony and revising draft until it’s just right for you both. Liaising with people involved in ceremony, rehearsal of ceremony, which may include readers, singers and musicians, supporting family and friends, use of ritual o family objects, and of course conducting on the day the ceremony with heart warmth feeling and meaning.
The payment is made in 3 stages.
At the initial meeting I ask for the first payment which is offset against the cost should you wish to proceed. I then ask for the second payment for the first draft of the ceremony to go ahead, this is a non refundable deposit.
I will invoice you for the remainder of the fee (third payment), payable prior to the ceremony plus any agreed expenses incurred beforehand.
Please call for a no obligation quotation.
I am also able to provide a PA System if required, useful for large areas or ceremony’s outside

The Circle of Life. Child Welcoming Ceremony is perfect for parents with children, who have decided to become life partners or remarried and created a new family. It is a beautiful way to introduce children to all the family and friends by holding a ceremony designed just for them. Having their own celebration gives them confidence that they are valued and testifies that they are loved and feel included in the new family. Especially important for children whose surnames may have changed or find they are no longer the only child in the home

I will create a ceremony that is welcoming and perfectly designed for the child/children with both mother and father expressing their own feelings in personal vows and promises (you may include music and readings). I take the ceremony to the family, with their hearts desire in mind. A time and day is your choice, I fit around you.

Commemorate their day by giving a gift as a special reminder of the day.
Choose dedicated adults referred to as God Parents, Supporting Adults, Mentors or Guide – Parents to play a special role in your child/children’s future.
Involve Grandparents by making personal promises and dedications. The ceremony is without any restriction; feel free to include as many poems, readings or musical pieces as you want.
Include the guests to play special roles, from readers through to witnesses.
Exchange or renew vows and promises to each other.
Sign a record book of dedicated adults and chosen guests that attended.
Receive a beautiful Ceremony Certificate to commemorate the day.

A Child Welcoming Ceremony is a heartfelt celebration for the whole family with the children playing the celebrity roles. What better way to express your feelings for each other and your family. It's your celebration, have it your way full of fun and wonderful happy memories.

Child Welcoming

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